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Kitchen Re-Face Before and After

As we are experts in the manufacturing of kitchens, we understand that your kitchen may not need complete replacement to make it look great.

Keeping your existing cabinetry and replacing only necessary components can be great alternative instead of completely ripping out your existing kitchen and building something new.

We can modify, replace and modernise your existing kitchen with the following simple and practical modifications:

  • Replace existing cabinet doors and drawers with new panels, also known as refacing. This could be painted to match your existing colour, or all new colours
  • Change your handles and cabinetry hardware to modern smooth sliding, slow closing draw runners and door hinges
  • Replace your benchtop with a new Formica, Granite or Engineered Stone benchtop (Click to learn more about our benchtop replacement service)
  • Modify and replace existing cabinetry and parts of your kitchen where required that may be damaged or need to be modified to suit changes to your home

The point is, if you just want to fix up your kitchen, make it appealing for rental purposes without the cost associated with a new kitchen, this can help. Get in contact with us and one of our consultants can come visit your home and to determine what we can do best for you that will give you the best bang for your buck.

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