Pure Kitchens Ltd

Kitchen Installation Service

Man installing kitchen into a house

We can help install your Flat-Pack Kitchen or Kit-Set kitchen for you. We have qualified joiners who have installed hundreds of kitchens available to help you get the most out of your new kitchen.

Pure Kitchens recommends using a qualified joiner to assemble and install your cabinetry for the best finishing result that can only be achieved with the help of an experienced kitchen specialist.

Our trade qualified joiners can help you with:

  • Assembly of your kit-set Cabinetry
  • Pick-up & Delivery of your chosen kit-set cabinetry
  • Installation of your Cabinetry into your home
  • Bench-top Installation & custom bowl fitting
  • Installation of appliances and range hoods (not including electrical work)
  • Tweaking, polishing and cleaning of all cabinetry to a finished product standard
  • Problem solving those difficult scenarios and modification of cabinetry at our workshop
  • Removal of your existing kitchen and rubbish

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