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We have been designing, manufacturing and installing benchtops into peoples new and existing kitchens for as long as we have been in business. A new benchtop can completely change the look and feel of a kitchen and this is why just replacing a benchtop has been such a popular method to adding value, and creating a stunning looking masterpiece in your home.

Prices for a new benchtop can range from $500 to $7000 depending on the size, material and custom work required to manufacture the benchtop. Formica benchtops are generally the least expensive option, followed by Engineered Stone benchtops. Granite and Wooden tops generally involve the most labour, and thus a higher manufacturing cost.

We work with all types of kitchen benchtops ranging from:

  • Formica Laminate Benchtops
  • Engineered Stone Benchtops
  • Granite Benchtops
  • Wooden Timber Benchtops

Formica Benchtops

Formica laminate is a brand of composite materials manufactured by New Zealand-based Formica Group. The material was invented in 1912, and is manufactured for a variety of applications today. In common use, the word Formica refers to the company's classic product, a heat-resistant, wipe-clean, plastic laminate of paper or fabric with melamine resin.

Most popular for rentals and low cost scenarios, averaging from about $500.00 - $1800.00

Formica Benchtop

Engineered Stone Benchtops

Engineered stone is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by an adhesive, (most commonly polymer resin, with some newer versions using cement mix). The two common stones used in producing these products are marble and quartz. The application of these products depends on the original stone used. For engineered marbles the most common application is indoor flooring and walls, while the quartz based product is used primarily for kitchen countertops.

averaging from about $3000.00 - $6000.00

Engineered Stone Benchtop

Granite Stone Benchtops

Granite (Also known as Dimension stone) is natural stone or rock that has been selected and finished (i.e., trimmed, cut, drilled, ground, or other) to specific sizes or shapes. Color, texture and pattern, and surface finish of the stone are also normal requirements. Another important selection criterion is durability: the time measure of the ability of dimension stone to endure and to maintain its essential and distinctive characteristics of strength, resistance to decay, and appearance.

Our most popular benchtop solution, averaging from about $4000.00 - $7000.00

Granite Stone Benchtop

Wooden Timber Benchtops

By laminating a number of smaller pieces of lumber, a single large, strong, structural member is manufactured from smaller pieces. Many people use timbertops in their kitchen where they are a solid, hard-wearing benchtop or desktop. But the uses of beautiful timber aren’t limited to kitchen benchtops. As more people discover the eco-friendly natural solution timbertops are used throughout the home.

averaging from about $4000.00 - $7000.00

Wooden Timber Benchtop

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