Based in Hamilton, we sell kitchens in Hamilton. We are situated in the Waikato and manufacture Hamilton's best designer kitchens. Hamilton, New Zealand is where Pure Kitchens Ltd is located. Hamilton, Waikato.

Laundry & Vanities

We can take care of your entire laundry renovation project.

The process goes a little like this, first we design your new laundry or vanities to your specifications and needs.

When you have confirmed your plan, we begin building your design right here in our factory. While this is happening, our external contractors are reading your plans, penciling in dates of any plumbing or electrical work required for us to install your new masterpiece.

While this is happening you have the ability to login to our website and see your project progress, and see exactly when your project will be ready for installation.

Whether it’s a small renovation for your rental property, business, new home or existing home. We have you covered, we can cater for all size budgets and have your best interest at heart. Trust our experienced, friendly & professional team to do the job right.

Think about this

Laundries and Vanities need to be built by professionals. Cheap low quality cabinetry combined with inexperienced tradesmen working to a small budget are responsible for a majority of the leaking buildings we witness today. Get it built right, get it built once.

Services we provide

  • Design, manufacture & installation of your new laundry or luxurious vanity
  • Refurbishment of your existing laundry or vanity
  • Own an investment property? We have cost effective solutions that help keep your overheads low
  • Replacing water damaged laundries/vanities, we work with many of New Zealand's leading insurance companies
  • Manufacturing custom joinery work for commercial organisations, hotels, bars, restaurants, shopping centres and anywhere you need a vanity
  • Managing the entire project, from removal of old cabinetry to organising plumbers & electricians

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